Wrap Up

Well, I have completed my year of poetry and what have I learned? I learned that it is difficult to keep up. Sometimes I was just throwing up crap to get it done. I set out to do something creative, but in the end it was becoming just a chore. I am glad that I did it. I’ve got 365 more poems written than I had a year ago. I think that there is potential in some of these poems to go somewhere. I don’t think that any of them are final pieces, but there are nuggets. If I were to do this again, I think that I would have to change my mindset to spend more time each day. Some days it was just a few minutes late at night. If I want to do something to be proud of, then I would have to post more finished pieces. Maybe write a draft in the morning and revise during the day before posting the finished one at night.

Where do I go from here? Well the thought has been to go back and find some of the good poems, rework them to make them better and publish a book of the years work. This still seems like a good idea, but I think that taking a break for a few more weeks seems like a good idea. I’ll keep the site up and post updates when they come.

Thanks to everyone who has followed my year.

-brian paris

Day 365 – “The Light”

The Light

at the end there is light
a light that guides us
shows us possibilities
it is hoped that at some point
we reach the light
reach our dreams
and see the magic
behind the light
then greet our greater goodness
and say goodnight

Week 52, Day 364 – “Foggy”


my glasses fogged up
coming from cool into heat
vision blurred in change

Week 52, Day 363 – “James Gang”

James Gang

not jesse and the brothers
just me and my best friend
hanging on his front porch
drinking sun tea
eating ham sandwiches
with smashed ruffles
for added some crunch

Week 52, Day 362 – “Nerds”


smart boy don’t cry ’round here
she ain’t gonna love you
she ain’t gonna care
she ain’t gonna ‘member you
when you otta here

Week 52, Day 361 – “Shades”


there are three shades of crazy
high school naive hormone crazy
love, brain fucked, face plant crazy
and denial
the one crazy that i’m stuck on today
thinking that i’ll forget about you
and life will move on, and on
without you baby
and i’ll keep dancing
dancing to hide the tears in sweat

Week 52, Day 360 – “Around the World”

Around the World

360 degrees and I’m around the world
been everywhere and now back again
can’t rest yet, but slowing down
maybe next time round
I’ll be full stop at the right spot
and settle down before the long sleep
when only dreaming cats can save the world
whistle and the kittens come
dressed in leather and purple bows
and greet us all at the supper table
to dine on milk and tuna sandwiches
what a meal, what a meal, even for my last

Week 52, Day 359 – “Easter”


jesus died for our sins
so we could sit at
religious services
a couple times a year

i think i’ll stick
with searching for eggs
in the back yard

Week 52, Day 358 – “Middle”


middle of my life
and not sure yet – just waiting
instead of living

like a loyal dog
thinking nothing – a statue
waiting for master

Week 51, Day 357 – “Traffic”


conflicted with traffic
and an intense desire to be home
i gunned it down the shoulder
passing the gridlock with ease
made it home with time to spare
just to get to sleep earlier